Room temperature swimming pool machine (splash series)5P

Specification parameters

modelJMKRY-25IIMaximum working overpressure of heat exchanger3.0MPa
Heating capacity (KW)twenty twowater side pressure loss45KPa
Rated power (KW)4.4Water flow (m³/h)4.8
Power Specifications (V/50Hz)380Noise dB (A)55
Rated current (A)10Anti-shock levelClass I
Maximum input current (A)13waterproof levelIP×4
Maximum input power (KW)5.6The refrigerantR22
Outlet water temperature (℃)35Refrigerant charge (g)3000
Allowable working overpressure on the exhaust side3.0MPaPipe size (mm)DE50
Suction side allows working overpressure0.8MPaHost size (mm)810*780*1200
Standard working conditions: 1. The initial temperature of the incoming water is 15°C, the final temperature of the hot water is 30°C, the air dry bulb temperature is 20°C, and the wet bulb temperature is 15°C.
2. The noise is measured before leaving the factory. During actual use, the measured data may be different from the values listed in the table due to environmental noise or other reasons.
3. With the improvement of the product, the above parameters will be changed accordingly. The above parameters are for reference only, if there is any improvement, it may be delayed to modify, please understand!

Internationally renowned compressor
Strong heart, efficient heating
Intelligent electronic expansion valve
Electronic fine control adjustment / ensure throttling effect
Titanium spoiler fin evaporator
Not easy to condense and frost / more sufficient heat exchange
Intelligent regulation, multi-mode switching
Humanized settings, multi-mode appointment
High-strength outer machine structure
Sheet metal integrated forming / durable and stable operation
Large Heating + Cooling Solutions
Suitable for places in cold regions that need heating in winter and cooling in summer
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