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Air Energy Academy

Organizer: Jinmu Precision, focusing on the air energy industry for 11 years

Lecturer team: 7 senior engineers from Jinmu Seiko, with an average working age of 10 years

Professional team: a number of university in-service doctors, engineers answer questions online

Why was the Air Energy Business School established?

  • Lack of professional and technical exchange platform in the industry
  • Less internal communication, difficult to solve industry pain points
  • Mature experience to be spread
  • Beginners, no platform for actual combat
  • Technical difficulties and shortcomings are difficult to overcome

Jinmu Seiko strength

11 years

Jinmu Seiko 11 years of professional technical background support
Cooperation with well-known domestic HVAC industry associations
Establish industry-university-research cooperation with a number of colleges and universities to provide a practical platform

7 years

7 expert professors and a number of efficient doctors have been stationed for a long time
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