pre-sale service


Professional technical engineer telephone return visit

We will provide you with professional design solutions, engineering solutions and quotations according to your needs

Engineer door-to-door communication needs

Our engineers will come to visit in person and provide accurate engineering solutions after in-depth understanding of your needs

Project manager provides project planning scheme

We will have senior project managers to provide you with comprehensive solutions such as air energy solution design, equipment selection, consumables accounting, etc.

IoT Advantage

Device IoT 2.0
Smarter and more efficient after-sales service
The network comprehensively monitors the equipment conditions, and immediately checks the equipment faults online after repairing. In the era of big data and the Internet of Things, Let the after-sales engineer know the fault immediately, and take the accessories to go out to repair immediately, making the service more efficient, Hundreds of after-sales service outlets all over the country, helping dealers to put aside after-sales troubles

In-sale service

  • Installation guide

    Professional after-sales technical team guides installation to solve your worries
  • customer profile creation

    Each customer establishes an independent file, starting from the order signing, the whole process is tracked, and the after-sales service is guaranteed to be flawless.
Assist customers in acceptance according to standards

1. GB50015-2003 "Code for Design of Water Supply and Drainage in Buildings"

2. GB4272-92 "General Principles of Equipment and Pipeline Insulation Technology"

3. GB4706.1-2005 "General Requirements for Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances"

4. GB50303-2002 "Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Building Electrical Engineering"

5. GB50207-1994 "Technical Specifications for Roofing Engineering"

6. GBJ242-82 "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Heating and Sanitary Engineering"

7. GBJ93-86 "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Industrial Automation Instrumentation Engineering"

8. GB/T10800-89 "Polyurethane foam for thermal insulation"

9. GB/T12464.1-1998 "Welding Quality Requirements, Fusion Welding of Metal Materials"

After-sales service

Adhere to the principle of "quality first service first"
Check every three months to solve possible hidden problems
A clear answer must be given to the user's request. If it is a problem in use, it must be solved within 12 hours.
Four times a year annual inspection and maintenance, sincere and professional service in place
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